Can Teachers Become Civil servants through BCS Exam?

Every year, hundreds of teachers get recruited in Bangladesh Civil Service through BCS examination. Especially, in the government colleges of Bangladesh, teachers are recruited through a competitive exam arranged by Bangladesh Public Service Commission-BPSC. If you go through the BCS circular published by PSC almost every year, you’ll see several hundred posts under different subjects are lying vacant. The teachers are to sit for BCS exam and must pass the three phases of the examination.


After having passed those three phases, the candidates are recommended for their respective subjects. Then they are called to face the Medical Board. And if a candidate successfully crosses this hurdle, his/her criminal records are checked up by the police and the special branch of the government.

After successfully overcoming these phases, a candidate is finally appointed and posted to a government college. The cadre he/she is recommended is called BCS (General Education) cadre. A government college teacher has to undergo foundation training for four months at the National Academy for Education & Management. After having served at a government college and passed the departmental exam, his/her job is made permanent.

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Md. Zahid Hasan

Md. Zahid Hasan

Md. Zahid Hasan is a BCS Cadre officer, the author of the book ‘THE CADRE’ and the founder-writer of ‘’.
He is an ardent researcher and experimenter on passive earnings from Passive Teaching.

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