Can Teachers Become Civil servants through BCS Exam?

Every year, hundreds of teachers get recruited in Bangladesh Civil Service through BCS examination. Especially, in the government colleges of Bangladesh, teachers are recruited through a competitive exam arranged by Bangladesh Public Service Commission-BPSC. If you go through the BCS circular published by PSC almost every year, you’ll see several hundred posts under different subjects […]

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7 Companies That Let You Find Substitute Teacher Jobs

7 Companies That Let You Find Substitute Teacher Jobs This article focuses on how to become a substitute teacher and where to get substitute teacher jobs. A substitute or on-call teacher is a tutor that replaces a full-time teacher when she is on maternity leave, on vacation, ill or absent for personal reasons. The substitute […]

Average High School Teacher Salary by State: Income Gap Analysis

Average High School Teachers Salary by states in the US (Info level: Beta) Teaching is one of the important professions globally; however, teachers are the least appreciated individuals despite their hard work. Many children have passed through their hands, and they have gladly prepared the young minds for the world. They also guide children on […]

How Teacher Bloggers Make Money (in 2020): An Insightful Article

How can a teacher earn passive income from blogging? The teacher is a fun job because we can share knowledge with others. However, some teachers do not get enough salary so they cannot buy some of the needs they want. They can live in teacher salaries, but they cannot enjoy life because their salaries are […]

How to Start a Blog in 2020: The Easiest Beginner’s Guide

How to Start a Blog in 2020?  Step by Step Tips to Start a Blog for the Teachers and the Professionals   A teacher, graduate student, a tenured professor can advance their career by blogging. The article will provide you with insight into how you can start blogging. Blogging for Teachers and Other Educators Education […]