How Teacher Bloggers Make Money (in 2020): An Insightful Article

How can a teacher earn passive income from blogging?

The teacher is a fun job because we can share knowledge with others. However, some teachers do not get enough salary so they cannot buy some of the needs they want. They can live in teacher salaries, but they cannot enjoy life because their salaries are too small for buying secondary needs. Fortunately, teachers still have a lot of free time to earn passive income through blogging. If you want to earn more income other than being a teacher, then you can create a blog or website. So, how can a teacher earn passive income from blogging? Maybe, you can try some of the following ways to get passive income from blogging.

1. Google AdSense

The first thing you can do to get additional income from blogging is from Google Adsense. Google offers a profitable partnership for content creators where they can register their blog on Google Adsense. Even though there are some applicable rules and regulations that you must follow, you can get money from Google AdSense as long as you never give up. However, you have to make lots of posts on your blog and then increase your blog visitors. Once you get a lot of visitors, you can register for Google Adsense. The way it works is quite simple. If your request is approved, Google will give you a banner ad that you can embed in your blog. When visitors click on the banner ad, then you will be paid for every click.

2. Banner Ads

In addition to Google AdSense, you can also use banner ads that you can also embed on your blog post. You can work with several local brands so they want to put their banner ads on your blog post. Of course, you will be paid by the company for advertising services on your blog. You can adjust the fees they have to pay to you every month. The more banner ads, the more pay. This method will be easy if your blog is already famous and has a lot of visitors. In essence, you have to increase your blog traffic so people trust your blog. By increasing the number of quality posts, more and more visitors will visit your website.

3. Sponsored posts

You might also be able to get passive income from sponsored posts. When your blog or website is already well-known among internet users, some companies or brands will be interested in working with you. They will ask you to write about their products in your blog post and show some features of the products. Or you can write a blog post that slightly includes a sponsor’s or brand’s ad so it looks more natural. They will pay you through the sponsored posts. They might contract your website for several months. Of course, this will increase your income.

4. Affiliate commissions

In addition to sponsored posts, banner ads, and Google AdSense, you may also get passive income from the affiliate commission. Simply put, you only need to work with other companies to sell their products. For example, you can join the Pat Flynn affiliate marketing program on the Smart Passive Income website. Through your blog, you can offer a brand product to your visitors. When a visitor buys the product or at least sign up for the program, you will get a commission from each sale. The more you sell, the more commission you will get.

5. Selling self-authored eBooks or books

A teacher might want to share his knowledge with others without having to be his student. This is a golden opportunity for you if you want to get passive income. You can write a book in the form of an ebook or PDF that you write yourself. Then, you can sell your ebook on your own website or you can sell it on other people’s blogs. You can even build an affiliate marketing yourself. You can ask other people to sell your ebook on their website and then you pay them for every ebook sold. If your blog is well-known, you can sell it on your own blog so you will get a profit for every ebook you sell.

6. Creating online courses for students and colleagues

If you still have enough time to teach, maybe you can build an online course for students and colleagues. You can create a website specifically for online courses. For example, you can make online English, match, and computer. However, you have to use videos so they can see you. You can also use the live streaming feature to teach them online in real-time. You can use YouTube or Facebook too. Where do you get money from online courses? Of course, your online students must pay course fees every month so that you will get additional income.

7. Selling own products or software

A teacher can also get passive income from selling products online. If you have a small business, you can sell it from blogging or you can build your own e-commerce website. You can sell a variety of products, services, and software. If you sell products, then you must send the products to the buyers. If you sell software, buyers only need to confirm the payment and then download the software you are selling. This is the most effective way to get passive income. However, you also have to sell quality products so your customers don’t feel disappointed.

In conclusion, those are several ways for teachers who want to earn passive income without sacrificing their job. You can still be a teacher and get the monthly salary, and then you can get extra income from blogging banner ads, Google AdSense, selling self-authored ebook, creating an online course, selling products and software, and affiliate marketing. But, you must be patient to get successful in this business. It may take a few months so you can get the income. You must not give up, even if you fail. Also, you have to make sure that you regularly update your blog and create high-quality content that people like.

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Md. Zahid Hasan

Md. Zahid Hasan

Md. Zahid Hasan is a BCS Cadre officer, the author of the book ‘THE CADRE’ and the founder-writer of ‘’.
He is an ardent researcher and experimenter on passive earnings from Passive Teaching.

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