Kajabi Vs Teachable: Which Platform is suitable for Me? [Review: August 2000]

Kajabi Vs Teachable: Learn Which Platform IS Better

With time, there has been a rise in the online course selling industry. People used to avoid online education back in the day but now, things are changing completely. People do not prefer to go to institutions and take in person classes. And similarly the teachers or instructors do not prefer to teach in person as well due to the extra costs and the inconveniences that are experienced by both teachers and the students. So, in order to solve this problem, something called online course selling companies came into being that make E-learning (or virtual or online learning) become a reality and very convenient as well. The E-learning industry is growing by the day and it is expected to reach a worth of billions of dollars in the near future. There are so many benefits of online learning for everyone. It saves a lot of costs and offers flexibility and convenience while making sure that knowledge is being transferred in a perfect manner. The learners have a plethora of online course platforms to choose from and so do the teachers regarding where they will be teaching. Among the best online course platforms are two names that are very superior: Kajabi & Teachable. Now, in this article, I will put the two online course platforms against each other to show you which one is the ultimate winner or which one you can go for according to your needs and your requirements.

An Introduction To Kajabi:

Kajabi is one of the top online course building platforms that allow you to run your online course or any membership site business with ease and convenience. Kabaji is used by thousands of users and creators. And among these users are also two big names that you might know of:

Amy Porterfield (Marketing Expert)

Brendan Burchard (NY Times #1 Selling Author)

Kajabi allows you to host your online programs or courses and then deliver them to your students in a very professional and effective manner. Other than this, Kajabi also allows you to build a fully functional website, create a blog and also marketing funnels. And yes, you can also automate your email marketing with ease. If you have any experience with the typical online course building platforms then you know that they require different tools like WordPress in order to let you run your blog, a tool called ClickFunnels to let you create funnels and landing pages and also a tool called ConvertKit that allows you to manage your email marketing. This is very inconvenient because most people do not know how to make these tools work but with Kajabi, there is no need for such tools at all.

So, the basic idea of Kajabi is to allow the users to create and run an entire online course business from a single platform so that there is no need to use different tools, services or plugins to make things become functional and effective.

Brief Overview Of The Highlights Of Kajabi:

Take a look at the following highlights of Kajabi that will give you an idea of what it is and how it does things:

  • You are able to create an engaging & effective online course with videos, files, quizzes and a lot more.
  • You are able to deliver your course content professionally to all the learners in a very convenient manner.
  • You are also able to create a community forum for your all your learners.
  • You can build a beautiful website which also includes a blog for your business.
  • You have the option to charge either one time fee or a recurring subscription and even offer a full payment plan.
  • You can also build checkout pages and add upsells and order bumps to your content site.
  • You will be able to create and manage your affiliate programs with ease.
  • You will be able to create sales funnels which include lead magnet funnels, webinar funnels and even launch product funnels on Kajabi.
  • You will have email marketing and CRM tools as well.
  • Kajabi offers a complete and whole solution to the users.
  • The software of Kajabi will enable you to sell all the services and products that you can offer to the customers in a manner that ensures ease and convenience.
  • Kajabi will also provide detailed training to all the users.
  • Their customer support is highly recommended and also praised by all the users.
  • Kajabi has a monopoly when it comes to the customer satisfaction!
  • Kajabi offers a lot of help and support in order to help the users in making smart business decisions.
  • Kajabi accepts Paypal for payment and also Stripe.
  • Kajabi has integrated itself with a variety of software for efficiency.
  • The user interface of Kajabi is very intuitive and easy to use for all the users.
  • Kajabi offers video hosting without any limits with the help of Wistia for no extra cost.
  • Kajabi has many famous marketers, authors and businesses as users. All these users and many others use Kajabi to deliver online courses and other services to thousands of their followers or students.


  • So, as you can see, Kajabi will allow you to take your online course content business to the next level.

The Advantages That You Will Get From Kajabi:

Following are the major advantages that you will get if you decide to choose Kajabi.

It offers a lot of marketing and effective selling tools.

Kajabi has effective tools that you can use for creating landing pages and sales funnels for your website. It allows you to efficiently convert the visitors on your website into customers as it has the perfect marketing & sales tools. You can manage all of your email marketing tactics within the platform and also automated follow up sequences. So, there won’t be any need for third party platforms on Kajabi. In the start of 2020, the Kajabi Email was released which is a full featured email platform that is a part of every subscription of Kajabi. The Kajabi Email will give you all a visual email editor that will enable you to create the best looking and effective email campaigns very easily. All in all, Kajabi is a lot better than most of the other online course platforms in terms of marketing and selling tools that are offered.

Kajabi looks very aesthetic and attractive!

Kajabi will offer several variations in terms of website themes that are very attractive, aesthetic and professional looking. There are a lot of attractive templates that users can choose from in order to create their landing pages and sales pipeline pages that are fully functional and effective. There are also many custom and premium themes available to the users if they are not satisfied with what Kajabi is offering. A lot of the other online course platforms require the users to perform many custom codings to change their standard themes but that is not the case with Kajabi.

The blog of Kajabi is very good!

Unlike many other online course platforms, Kajabi offers perfect blogging capabilities to all the users in order to make their work be more functional and also effective. A strong blog is one of the key factors that determine the traffic that your website receives and Kajabi makes sure that you get as many visitors as possible because of the perfect blogs!

The multimedia capabilities of Kajabi are impressive.

Kajabi also has the perfect multimedia capabilities which add to the success of the business. Kajabi is integrated with Wistia which is one of the best video hosting platforms that allows users to stream and upload videos with ease. With Wistia being integrated in Kajabi, you can be sure that your videos are delivered to all the learners in the most efficient manner possible according to their screen size and bandwidth limits. And these multimedia videos will be very secure as well. And yes, as I stated before, Wistia is integrated in Kajabi so you do not need to purchase a separate subscription for Wistia. Wistia is very expensive and its per month price starts at around $99 dollars whereas Kajabi’s pricing begins at $149 per month so as you can see, Kajabi offers you Wistia almost for no cost and this is a great benefit!

Create, promote and conduct live events easily with Kajabi!

Kajabi is very beneficial in terms of allowing the users to create, promote and conduct the live events with ease. You will be able to easily set up a Zoom Webinar and even build out a pipeline around it that will include your emails, registration page, a checkout page and also a post event offers page in the most convenient manner with Kajabi. Kajabi also offers a lot of templates for doing all of this so all that you have to do is make changes to the text and then drop your Zoom link in. This same procedure can be followed to set up different virtual conferences and summits and also place based events in the most efficient and easily manner possible with Kajabi.

Kajabi offers a very strong support to the users.

Kajabi is an online course platform that has been around for a long time now. It has a strong reputation for a perfect support and it is clear that it invests a lot in building a global support team that is always ready to help the users at any time. Kajabi has created Hero University that provides detailed online training and a community in order to support the users of the platform. Other than that, there are a lot of companies that have create themes for Kajabi and they even offer a lot of services to give support to it. A lot of blog posts and articles are present on the internet that explain whatever it is that you want to do on this online course platform. All in all, Kajabi will offer you a lot of abilities in general that will allow you to create a website through which you will be able to offer your online course and you will also be able to manage this website with ease. Like I said before, you do not need any other tools for managing Kajabi.

Create your content quickly and effectively.

This online course platform also offers amazing templates to the users for creating online course, mini courses, memberships and also other types of trainings. These templates will help you boost your content creation. With the help of these templates, all you need to do is edit them and put in your own content and it will be ready to be shared with all your learners!

The Key Features Of Kajabi.

As compared to many other online course platforms, Kajabi offers features and tools that are very useful and effective in every regard. Following are some of the key features of Kajabi that all of you will find to be very beneficial:

Blogging, Hosting & Website: They allow a solid online presence.

One of the key features of Kajabi is that your account will come with a fully functional and full hosted website that will include a lot of key tools. The editor of Kajabi is very simple and it is a drag & drop tool. The templates that Kajabi offers are very aesthetic as well. You will have a blogging option on Kajabi that is built in and you will also be able to upload all sorts of multimedia content on your website. And best of all, you can also make your content be SEO friendly. All in all, with the help of Kajabi you will be able to have a solid presence in the online market.

Kajabi offers perfect email marketing for the users.

Marketing tools are very essential for all the users and Kajabi understands that very well. Kajabi offers the ultimate personalized marketing tools that enable all the users to turn the visitors into customers with ease. Kajabi has a lot of built in marketing tools that will help all the users to use the perfect marketing tactics for achieving success. The built in email marketing tool allows the users to create the perfect personalized emails which leads to more customers. You will also be able to track the progress of the emails with this tool and will be able to get all the necessary analytics that will help you improve your business.

You can make landing pages with Kajabi!

All of you will be able to create the most functional landing pages that will allow you to capture and then convert the traffic to your business. You can also choose from a variety of well optimized templates that are easy to customize, for getting the best results.

Kajabi will offer the perfect learning experience.

Kajabi understands that the learners must get the perfect experience for the success of the business. That is why Kajabi makes it easy for all the educators to be able to assign homework and assignments, test and assess the students and give the perfect lessons in a function and easy manner. All of these factors will result in the perfect learning experience and this will help generate even more customer.

A simple & easy to user interface for all the users.

One of the key features of Kajabi is that it offers a very simple and easy to use interface that is very easy to understand and use for all the users.

Kajabi is your all in one platform!

Whenever you are thinking about starting an online course business, you think about saving time and money in every way possible. Most of the online course platforms require you to use different tools to get your business started and these tools can cost a lot of money and waste a lot of your precious time. But, Kajabi is the solution to that problem because it is an all in one platform that provides you with all the tools and features that you require to create your online course business without having to use other tools. You not require any experience in order to use Kajabi and it is perfect for all the users whether they are beginners or advanced users.

  • These were the key features of Kajabi.

What About The Price Of Kajabi? Is It Expensive?

So, now you must be wondering that if Kajabi offers such great services, then it must cost a lot as well. And you are right to some extent. Kajabi offers the ultimate tools and performance and it does charge well for them. But keep in mind that the prices of the plans of Kajabi are high because they offer the best services. The Basic plan of Kajabi starts at around $119 per month and the Pro plan of Kajabi starts at about $139 per month. Keep in mind that these are the prices that you will get if you opt for the annual billing system. The annual billing system comes with a 20% discount and therefore you get a bit lower price for the plans.

The pricing of Kajabi is high and it is not for those who are looking to save their money. Kajabi also offers an Enterprise plan that is customizable according to the size and requirements of your business. Take a look at the details of the plans that Kajabi offers:

Basic plan of Kajabi:

The basic plan of Kajabi starts at around $119 to $149  per month, depending on whether you choose the monthly payment or the annual payment system. You will also get full support for 3 products and also 3 pipelines in this plan. This plan offers marketing emails, 1000 active users, 1 website, 1 admin user and unlimited landing pages as well.

Growth plan of Kajabi:

The growth plan of Kajabi starts at a rate of $159 to $199 per month and this also depends on the payment method that you choose; annual payment or monthly payment. This plan will offer support for 15 products, 15 pipelines, 10 admin users, 1 website and also 10,000 active users. This plan will offer unlimited landing pages, affiliate program, automation, marketing emails, the ability to remove the branding of Kajabi and a 24/7 live chat support which is very beneficial.

Pro plan of Kajabi:

This plan of Kajabi starts at a price of $319 to $399 per month which depends on the payment method you choose; annual payments or monthly payments. You will get support for 100 products, 3 website, 100 pieplines, 25 admin users, 2 million marketing emails and also 25,000 active members. This plan will also offer unlimited landing pages, affiliate program, automation and also a theme editor.

All in all, the pricing of the plans of Kajabi is not suitable for the beginners who are just getting started in the online course business. Kajabi is the best option for the established businesses and entrepreneurs who already have a good presence in the marketing and can bring all their customers with them to the platform. So, if you are a beginner, it is wise that you stay away from Kajabi if possible as it will cost you a lot.


  • Note: All of these plans come with a website builder, live events and webinars, drip content, no transaction fees and also a free 14 day trial period.

The Pros & Cons Of Kajabi:

Before you make a final decision about Kajabi, take a look at the major pros and cons of the platform.

Pros of Kajabi.

Following are the major pros of Kajabi:

  • Kajabi is an all in one online course platform, so you won’t have to patch together and then learn multiple tools in order to make the business work.
  • Kajabi also offers more than 10 well designed themes that are very aesthetic and a lot of customization options for the users for making the content be at its best.
  • Kajabi also has a well optimized mobile app and mobile support.
  • Kajabi will offer powerful engagement tools to all the users to help them achieve a solid presence online.
  • It also allows you to create an entire website and run a blog as well in the most efficient manner.
  • Kajabi has inbuilt sales pipeline builder and also marketing automation tools that area very useful for all the users.
  • Kajabi has an impressive 24/7 customer support.
  • It is user friendly.

Cons Of Kajabi:

Following are the major cons of Kajabi.

  • Kajabi is very expensive.
  • There is no option to create certificates.

As you can see, Kajabi does not have many cons but the price is one of the major disappointments.

Kajabi Is The Best For Whom?

Kajabi might be the best option for the following people:

  • The entrepreneurs who already have a solid audience base and want to expand to offering premium courses and memberships to the audience.
  • Those businesses or entrepreneurs who want detailed analytics and assessment tools.
  • The businesses or entrepreneurs who want their processes to be in one place.
  • The ones who have enough money to easily afford the pricing of Kajabi.

So, in short, Kajabi is the best for the established businesses and entrepreneurs.

An Introduction To Teachable.

So, now we come to the second platform: Teachable. What is teachable? Teachable is one of the best learning management systems (LMS) that is useful for online educators who want to create and sell their courses online and also for bloggers who want to run a great blog. Teachable was founded by Ankur Nagpal and it was previously known by the name Fedora. Since its creation, Teachable has been gaining popularity for being an easy to use online course platform that offers a lot of benefits to all the users for a convenient price. Teachable offers all the features and tools to the bloggers, entrepreneurs and educators who want to create their own personal courses and sell them online on a platform to their followers or their audience. Teachable also allows the users to create membership sites and also gives the option for communicating with the audience. With more than 22,000 teachers who have created more than 30,000 courses for millions of learners or students around the globe, Teachable is truly one of the best online course building platforms that you can use. Teachable has also been recommended by many top educators and bloggers such as Mark Dawson who sells his course named Advertising For Authoers & Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income. This shows that even the pros are using Teachable so it must be a solid platform for everyone!

As an online course platform, Teachable is one of the most simple to use platforms that come with a solid management system, the ability to receive payments from a variety of tools such as PayPal and a lot more. Teachable can also be integrated with your existing websites if you prefer that and of course, it allows you to build your own website according to the way you want.

This Is How Teachable Works:

Using Teachable to create an online course is very easy for all the users; whether they are beginners or advanced users. This is how it basically works:

  • You set up a brand (school) that represents your business.
  • You then create a course for it.
  • You create modules for your course.
  • You upload the necessary lesson materials for each and every module.
  • You publish the course.
  • Then you sell the course through the sales page of Teachable.

This is how it basically works. When you will join Teachable, it will ask you to create a school for yourself that will represent your brand, your work and your content. You can then link this school to your website by using a sub domain name such as course.myonlinecourse.com! You can also customize the appearance of this school that you will create by using different tools to match your content. The learners or the students will be able to join the school before they purchase a course from you. You can also give them access to all the courses for a single fee. It all depends on what your aims, plans and goals are. The smart educators make bundles of courses that are attractive for the learners and then they sell them for a solid single price that is beneficial for both the students and the educators themselves.

Teachable Also Offers A Solid Technical Support:

The customer support matters a lot for all the users of a platform and Teachable offers a very good technical support for everyone. If you experience any problem, the customer support will solve the problems at once. There is also a Knowledge Base on Teachable that offers a lot of essential information that the users can use. In case you have a question for the staff of Teachable, you can easily create a ticket and they will respond to you within 24 hours at max. And the professional users of Teachable will also have a live chat option for instant support.

All in all, the customer or technical support of Teachable is very impressive.

The Key Features Of Teachable:

So, let us get to the features that Teachable offers to all the users. Following are the key features that Teachable offers to the users:

It is easy to use for all the people.

Teachable is one of the most easy to use online course platforms that everyone can understand and then use with ease. The main dashboard of Teachable that you will use to create and run all your courses is very simple and easy to understand and use. All the major tasks that you might want to do; you will be able to do them in the easiest and the simplest manner possible on Teachable. You can upload your entire courses, check the stats and analytics, monitor the payments and refunds and also communicate with the learners in a simple manner without getting tired.  This will save a lot of your precious time that you can give to creating and managing your courses. The content of each course is well organized on Teachable with the help of its Curriculum editor. You will also be able to group different resources together according to the topics and themes of the course content that you create. This easy to use interface and tools make Teachable a very good option for those people who do not have a lot of technical skills but still want the tools and features for customization and editing. The drag and drop feature of Teachable also allows the users to easily shift, arrange and organize things without any issues. All in all, Teachable is very easy to use for all of the users.

Easily upload all your multimedia content.

When you create your course, you will need to upload a lot of multimedia content such as videos, audio files, pdf, documents and spreadsheets as well. Now most of the online course platforms do not have very effective systems for doing this with ease and in a quick manner. But Teachable impresses us in this regard as well. The simple drag and drop interface will allow you to put all your files on the platform in the easiest and the most efficient manner possible. Teachable also links up with cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive with ease and offers a good bulk upload option that will save a lot of your time. Uploading content can be a difficult task for all the users but Teachable does its best to make sure this process is simple, easy and quick for all the course creators on the platform.

Teachable offers the ability to communicate with the learners.

Most of the online course platforms do not provide the option to communicate with the learners on the platform but Teachable offers this ability and impresses us again. Good communication with the learners is a key towards building a better relationship with them and it also enables the course creators to receive feedback from them which can help the course become better for all. The student or learner email comes in all the plans of Teachable. You will be able to communicate with the students on the Teachable platform and therefore you won’t have to switch back and forth your email software and Teachable. This saves a lot of your time as well. Teachable also allows the users to integrate with some of the best email softwares such as Mailchimp, ConvertKit and Infusionsoft. But in order to connect with the other email clients, you will most likely need to use the software Zapier.

In today’s time, email marketing is very important in order to help your business grow. Email marketing allows you to have a direct contact with all your current and potential customers and it is proven to be one of the most essential and effective tools in the world of digital marketing now.

File optimization is very good on Teachable.

Teachable is able to handle all the file types with ease in order to ensure that you do not face any issues with your content. There is no need for you to perform any additional coding, manual linkage or embedding as most of the websites require you to do. But Teachable isn’t like that, it offers everything and once your files are uploaded, they will be ready to use at once. The videos are also well optimized for use and high quality playback is supported across a range of devices such as iPads, tabs and other phones. Teachable is also able to adapt to different bandwidths and the videos can also be played at different speeds if the users desire so. Once again, we can see that the intuitive interface of Teachable offers the content creators to do all their work in the most efficient, effective and convenient manner without any stress.

Tools for effective marketing & sales!

If you want your business to grow and succeed, you will need a variety of marketing and selling tools for your online course business. Teachable offers a great variety of tools that are useful for effective marketing and sales. The process of collecting the payments is usually very simple and you will also be able to make use of different coupons in order to create limited time offers for the customers or even offer subscriptions and payment plan options to them. Whether you are looking for a tool that will help you create the perfect source of passive income or full time income, these tools will be very helpful to you in many ways. Teachable also allows you to set up your own affiliate marketing programs and bundle some of your courses together and sell them as a single package in order to boost the sales.

The Teachable Blog has a lot of marketing and sales tips for the users and it is a very valuable place that gets weekly posts that will help all the users understand the ways in which they can easily reach out to the audience and gain more customer traffic. You need to stay up to date regarding the marketing and sales practices and this blog of Teachable will be the right place for you. Marketing and sales tactics are very important in determining your success so give importance to them. A lot of insights and a variety of case studies are available that were written by experienced and successful Teachable instructors. With the help of these, you will be able to understand how to market your course content in a way that is sure to bring you a lot of success.

Amazing customer support is offered to the users.

The customer support matters a lot to the beginners on an online course platform. So, you will surely want the best customer support from the online course platforms and Teachable impresses us in this area as well. Teachable has a variety of already written customer support articles that will cover almost all the likely asked questions that you might have and it also offers a ticket system if you have a problem that is more specific in nature. Teachable’s customer support is quick. All your queries will be dealt with in a quick manner but sometimes the ticket system might take a little longer. So, it is likely that all your problems will be addressed with the already written customer support articles but it might also be the case that your issue is a major one and then you will need to contact the support yourself.

What About The Prices Of The Plans Of Teachable?

Now, it comes to the important point: the price of the plans that Teachable offers. Well, first of all, Teachable is free to sign up and there won’t be any transaction fees for running the free courses (if you’re planning to do that). However, if you require and demand all the important tools and features then the free plan won’t work and you will need to get one of the paid plans of Teachable.

The Plans Of Teachable:

Teachable offers four pricing plans that will suit almost all the users who are at different levels in terms of their content. So, before we get into those details, let us take a detailed look at all the pricing plans that Teachable offers to the users and see whether it is affordable or expensive. Take a look:

The free plan of Teachable:

The free plan of Teachable costs nothing but around $1 and 10% of any of your sales will be taken. So, maybe you are completely new, a complete beginner to the process of creating and selling online courses and you want to test what it is all about and how it works. So, for that, the free plan of Teachable will allow you to try all the process and systems for absolutely no monthly cost but you will be charge an amount of $1 plus 10 percent of any sales that you make and keep in mind that the free plan offers a very limited range of features. Most of the main features of Teachable will be available in the free plan but you won’t be getting any of the marketing features or guaranteed support which will make it hard for you to make substantial sales on the platform. The marketing tools matter the most in terms of generating more sales and if you are looking for that, then you might want to get one of the paid plans of Teachable as they will offer a lot of essential tools and features to you.

The basic plan of teachable:

The basic plan of teachable costs around $39 per month and Teachable takes around 5 percent of any sales that you make. With the basic plan, you will get all the key tools and features of Teachable such as the custom domains, use of coupons, in built email marketing tools, drip out course content and also be able to run an affiliate program if you wish to do so. But keep in mind that you will have to wait a lot to receive any money that you will have earned through Teachable and the payment will be through a PayPal deposit once a month with a delay of 30 days at minimum. And this delay can also last for more than a month in some cases which is very unacceptable for all of us.

The professional plan of Teachable:

The professional plan of Teachable is the most popular plan that is offered to the customers. Including everything that you will get in the basic plan, you will also get additional features and tools such as advanced theme customization, tools for analytics and most importantly, the ability to get the funds that you earn, instantly! The professional plan costs around $99 per month and in this plan, Teachable does not take any percentage of the sales that you make. You will also get higher priority for support requests that is: 6 hours as compared to the 12 hours in the basic plan. This plan of Teachable is a complete plan that will offer you all the essential tools and features that you require for the perfect online course business.

The high volume plan of Teachable:

This plan is the ultimate plan by Teachable that is designed for the established professionals who are running a large business with a large customer base and a variety of courses. In this plan you will get around 2 x 1 hour onboard sessions that will help you get set up well and the support request time is also reduced to a maximum of 2 hours. In this plan you will also get the option to import and enroll learners in a bulk. You will also be able to have up to 25 separate authors on the platform. This plan costs around $299 per month and there is no cutting from the sales that you make.

  • As you can see, Teachable has different plans for the users of every level.

Teachable Is The Best For Whom?

Well, I can say that Teachable is the best for those people who have little to no experience at all in setting up, hosting and creating web pages using an online course platform for selling their courses online. This is also for those who do not understand that E-commerce process very well. Even those people who do have experience in the field will find Teachable to be very useful as it is very easy to use as compared to the other online course platforms and will save a lot of time by offering intuitive and simple interface.

If you do not want to put together a plethora of different tools and systems such as WordPress and other learning management system plugins and want everything to be present in one place then Teachable is the best option for you in every regard. Teachable will host your course content and other multimedia and make it very easy for you to manage everything.

And those people who are looking to get the benefits of an affiliate program but do not want to spend time managing it, Teachable is the best for them too. Teachable will offer a payment solution within the platform and will even pay out the affiliates for the users if they want.

You can also accept payments from all the learners or students within a single account on Teachable and you will be paid out on an interval of 30 days. You can also integrate your Teachable account with other systems such as PayPal & Stripe and get the payments instantly if you desire.

So, if you want to start an online course business in an effective, efficient and convenient manner then I can surely say that Teachable will be the best choice for you.

The Pros & Cons Of Teachable:

Following are the major pros & cons of Teachable.

Pros of Teachable:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Very affordable.
  • A variety of marketing and sales tools.
  • A lot of customization options.
  • Good customer support.
  • Affiliate programs are also possible.
  • A variety of plans to choose from.

Cons of Teachable:

  • Very limited support for multilingual teaching.
  • The support for digital products is limited.
  • No support for gamification.

So, these were the major pros & cons of Teachable.

Kajabi VS Teachable: Which One Is Better?

So, now you know everything about the two top online course platforms and it is time to see which one of these comes out at the top. So, let me show you which one of these is the better option in a general context for all the users.

Brief Over Of The Major Differences Between The Two:

Following are the major differences between Kajabi and Teachable.

  • Teachable offers a completely free plan for the users and Kajabi does not offer any free plans at all and only offers paid plans.
  • Teachable is basically a course creation tool and Kajabi is an all in one solution that will allow the users to be able to create and sell all their courses online in an efficient manner.
  • Teachable will allow you to create and then sell unlimited courses on all the plans including the free plan and Kajabi has a limit for the number of courses or products that you can have on each of its plans.

Detailed Comparison Of The Two:

Following is the detailed comparison of Kajabi & Teachable.

Course creation.

In terms of course creation, Kajabi allows you to be able to create a full website that will include a blog and will be fully customizable. You will be able to tweak the website and lessons in order to create the ultimate courses. But, the problem is that Kajabi’s interface is suitable for those who have some experience in creating courses. The beginners will find it very complex and hard to create a course on Kajabi.

Teachable on the other hand is the perfect option for the beginners who have no prior experience in creating courses using complex tool. The interface of Teachable is easy and intuitive and all the users are able to create a professional course in very simple and easy steps.

So, in this area, Teachable takes the lead!

Uploading Of Content.

Kajabi and Teachable will allow you to add content to your courses such as videos, texts and audio files. Both of them offer unlimited hosting of video with Wistia and therefore in terms of uploading content, both of them are very similar. So, in this area both of them offer the same benefits to the users.

Payment processing options.

In terms of the availability of payment processing options, Kajabi uses PayPal and Stripe to process the payments.

Whereas, Teachable uses MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express and Stripe for processing payments.

So, Teachable takes the lead in this as well.

Mobile friendliness.

In today’s time, most of the internet traffic is from mobile users so you need to make sure that your students are able to access your content on their mobile devices with ease.

In this area, Kajabi does not have any app or support for mobile phones but Teachable has an on the go app for iPhones that is very effective.

So, Teachable takes the lead again!

Kajabi & Teachable pricing.

As I have given you the detailed information on the pricing plans of both Kajabi and Teachable, so you are now aware of the fact that Kajabi is very expensive as compared to all the other online course platforms whereas Teachable is a good option for the budget conscious users and the best of all: Teachable offers a free plan whereas Kajabi does not offer a free plan.

So, in terms of pricing, Teachable takes the lead as it is affordable and also offers a free plan for all the users of the platform who are looking to create and sell their courses for free.

Marketing tools.

Both, Kajabi and Teachable have great marketing tools and features that will enable the users to gain more customers and sell more courses. And both of them offer affiliate marketing options as well. So, all in all, in this area, both of the platforms are at a tie.

  • Note: So, as you can see from this comparison of the major areas in this Kajabi VS Teachable review, Teachable is the best for beginners and entrepreneurs whereas Kajabi is the best for established businesses.

So, Which One Of These Two Platforms Should You Go For?

So, now it is the time to decide which one of these platforms is good for whom and which of these is the one that you should be going for in order to start your online course selling business.

So, Teachable is the best choice for those people who already have a blog, a website and an email marketing list as this platform can be used to create all of your online courses and will also get integrated with all your existing software. On the other hand, Kajabi is the better choice for large and well established businesses and also any business that focuses completely on its courses and dedicated courses on a particular subject for their online schools. Kajabi also has all the features and tools that you will require in order to create, sell and market your online courses and also all other digital products that you might be hoping to sell. With Kajabi you will also be able to build a complete website and also a sales funnel for a single monthly fee. And Kajabi does not require you to use any third party tools as it is an all in one solution for all your needs and requirements.

Kajabi is very expensive though but it offers web hosting, sales funnels, social media, landing page and marketing software that will enable you to create and run the ultimate online course business. It will require a lot of money but Kajabi offers the convenience and ease by being an all in one solution. So, Kajabi is the best for the well established businesses.

Teachable on the other hand is the affordable choice for those people who are looking to save money while getting the best services and tools possible for the creation and sales of their online courses. Teachable offers all the essential tools and features that will enable you to create the ultimate online courses and will allow you to sell them easily as well. The best of all is that Teachable also offers a free plan for all the users who do not have any money to spend but still want to get a grasp of how the online course selling businesses work. This is one of the greatest advantages of Teachable. So, if you are an entrepreneur or a business who wants the good services for a low price, go for Teachable and even if you are a beginner, this is the best choice for you as well.

So, if you think that Teachable is the right choice for you, just head over to their website and make use of the free plan that they offer to get a grasp of how it works and all that it will offer in helping you create the best online courses. And if Kajabi is your cup of tea, then head to their website and before buying their plan, make sure you check their free 14 days trial period to see if it is the right platform for you.

Kajabi VS Teachable: Concluding Remarks.

Before you decide about which platform you should use, make sure that you consider all your needs and your requirements, and most importantly: your budget! As you can see, both of these platforms offer the best features and tools but deciding which one is better depends on the demands, requirements and needs of the users.

The online course industry is rising by the day and I can confidently say that if you are someone who is able to teach anything to people, make sure that you head to one of these online course platforms and offer your courses there as it will become a major source of passive or even active income for you if you want that. You never know who might end up liking your content and then more opportunities could open up for you. So, make use of all the skills and knowledge that you have.

How To Choose The Right Online Course Platform:

The purpose of this article was to give you insights on the top online course platforms and to let you know which one of these might be the better option for you depending on your needs, requirements and also your budget. Most people make the mistake of overpaying for the online course platforms because they do not know how choose the right one in the right way. Well, for starters, I suggest that you determine your goals first. What it is that you want to achieve? Is it more sales or just a solid presence on the internet? What you want to achieve is the first major factor that will help you in choosing the right online course platform for yourself. Secondly, are you an established business, an entrepreneur or a beginner? This is one of the most important factors that help you in deciding the right platform. You see, if you are a beginner then you need to go for an affordable and easy to user online course platform that offers all the essential tools that are require to jump start your business but is also affordable and very easy to use because beginners do not have any prior knowledge regarding how to use an online course creator or platform. The entrepreneurs are the ones who do have some knowledge and want an online course platform that is affordable and also offers all the necessary tools and features that will enable them to create and sell their content with ease while making a strong online presence with the help of advanced marketing tools and features. And for the well established businesses that already have a strong customer base, the high level plans of the top online course platforms are the best options as they will provide all the necessary tools and features that are required to achieve success in the online course business. And the established businesses will also be able to afford these high level plans easily.

So, I hope that this review was helpful to you in understanding and deciding which of the two platforms i.e. Kajabi and Teachable is the right one for you in terms of the services that they offer and their pricing.


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