7 Companies That Let You Find Substitute Teacher Jobs

7 Companies That Let You Find Substitute Teacher Jobs

This article focuses on how to become a substitute teacher and where to get substitute teacher jobs.

A substitute or on-call teacher is a tutor that replaces a full-time teacher when she is on maternity leave, on vacation, ill or absent for personal reasons.

The substitute teacher can work either on a longer-term or part-time basis when such openings become available.

The instructor will be expected to carry out the duties of the full-time teacher who is absent.

The substitute teacher delivers the lessons as outlined by the full-time teacher, and the provided lesson plan. On the other hand, teacher on-call can create lesson plans based on the students’ needs and learning objectives.

Substitute teaching is an excellent way of gaining experience and building one’s resume. The role can help an individual to get a permanent job in the future.

The article will provide you with in-depth information about where you can find a substitute teacher job. It also will focus on the duties, salary, certification of a substitute teacher, and how to find a teaching job.


7 Companies that Let you find a Substitute Teacher Job

1.    Swingeducation.com

The company has created an online platform for educators. The system allows substitute teachers to locate the right assignment, get paid weekly, and work when they are available.

Upon registration, the online platform notifies potential candidates of any teaching opportunities at private, public, and charter schools through a text message. Therefore, a member or sub has to have a bachelor’s degree in the subject of choice and pass a background check.

The platform has no minimum commitment requirement; thus, an individual can work as little or much as they want.

It also offers members invitations to special celebrations such as Swing Sub Lounge, which is a supportive online community.

2.    Flexijobs.com

The site was established in 2007 to offer practical, trusted, friendly, and a preferred way of finding flexible and professional remote jobs.

The platform has disrupted the traditional workforce, for people are now turning to the site for guidance and a concise list of available job opportunities free of junk.

Flexijobs can help a substitute teacher find a part-time or full-time job in any state in the US. The platform offers a refund within 30 days when the user is not happy with its services.

It also provides members with top-notch resources, tools, and tips to help them find a job that can improve their lives.

It has more than 170 expert skills tests, webinars from the top-rated hiring companies, resume review, and career coaching.

3.    Ziprecruiter.com

The online employment marketplace was created in 2010 in California. It’s ranked the top since more than 80% of companies advertise job openings through this site.

ZipRecruiter has invested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect job seekers and employers. The matching technology considers your data points, roles, and matches them with available job opportunities.

The platform invites top talent to send an application for the recommended job, thus linking the potential candidates with employers.

4.    Edjoin.com

The Education Job Opportunity Information Network (EDJOIN) is an education job site that links teachers with a school that needs full-time or part-time teachers.

Therefore, the platform shortens the distance between a teacher and a career in education. Job-seekers in different states can get a teaching position or management job available in their area.

The site sends notifications of available openings to applicants via email. This eliminates the hassle of perusing through job ads every day.

5.    Schoolspring.com

The platform is the best place for both new and experienced teachers. It’s a single, easy-to-search engine for teaching job openings in various states.

The platforms provide you with career document management tools. It sends notifications via email alerts. Further, you can access comprehensive applications through this platform.

6.    Scoot.education

The educational staffing company was established in 2005 and is located in Los Angeles, CA. The platform helps instructors seeking substitute and full-time positions to connect with the charter, private, and independent schools spread across Los Angeles.

Under this platform, an applicant makes one application that is used in all their job applications. It negotiates market-leading pay on behalf of teachers on-call.

The platform doesn’t charge job applicants for these services.

7.    Indeed.com

The pay-for-performance platform was created in 2004 to provide a recruitment advertising network. The company is a subsidiary of the US-based Recruit Holdings Company.

The platform is among the leading job sites in the world that puts job-seekers first. It allows individuals to post their resumes, search for jobs, and research about companies free of charges.

Therefore, the platform connects millions of applicants to new job opportunities in over 60 countries. Further, a job-seeker can access these opportunities via their mobile devices, thus offering them the best job search experience.


Substitute Teacher Job Description

A substitute teacher performs the duties of the absent teacher for the period he or she will be away. For that reason, the teacher on-call follows the absent teacher’s lesson plan when delivering the lessons.

At times the full-time teacher may take an extended period before resuming his or her duty due to unforeseen circumstances. As a result, the substitute teacher is allowed to create lesson plans based on the learning objectives or students’ needs.

The following is the minimum performance requirement or substitute teacher’s duties.

  • The substitute teacher should steer the lesson in a way that motivates learners to participate.
  • The tutor should control the classroom and maintain the discipline to ensure positive learning.
  • The teacher should provide adequate supervision to support the safety, welfare, and health of all learners.
  • The instructor should report to the office every morning upon arrival, check the mailbox of the absent teacher, and attend to the issues requiring immediate attention as well as seek clarification from the appropriate authority where needed.
  • They should return keys, instructional equipment, and materials to the proper place.
  • The teacher should respect and maintain the confidentiality of the school and students’ personal information.
  • He or she should report accidents, injuries, disciple problems, or illnesses as soon as they happen.
  • A substitute teacher should perform any other duty assigned to him or her in accordance with the state and school practices and policies.

Substitute Teacher Salary

National Substitute Teachers Alliance (NSTA) places the substitute teacher’s daily rate between $20 and $190. The current national average stands at $105 per full day. For that reason, a substitute teacher in a particular school district may earn a salary equivalent to a full-time teacher.

Further, some school districts have the option of raising teachers-on-call per day rate if they worked for more than 30 days in the previous year.

On the other hand, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that the average salary of a substitute teacher in the US takes home $32,360.

The following are the highest paying states

  • Maryland pays $58, 850
  • Hawaii pays $47, 020
  • Oregon pays $45, 520
  • Vermont pays $42, 410
  • California pays $42, 010

Substitute teachers may get additional benefits depending on the length of the assignment and school policy. Further, a substitute teacher may get a permanent job in a school that needs teachers for longer engagements.

Obtaining a substitute teaching opportunity can be quite a challenge; however, it’s an excellent way of filling gaps in employment, gaining experience, and building one’s resume

Substitute Teacher Certification and Requirements

Substitute teacher’s requirements vary from one state to the other. However, the following are the general requirements of a substitute teacher.

College Education: Some states require a bachelor’s degree and a certain number of credit hours while others demand an evaluation. Still, others don’t need an undergraduate degree but a high school diploma or its equivalency.

Background Check and fingerprinting: The teacher should pass a thorough background check because students’ safety is the priority. Therefore, they have to undergo a criminal history background check as part of the licensing process or before employment. In some school districts, the substitute teacher has to submit fingerprints.

Teaching Permit: Although having a substitute teaching permit is not a mandatory requirement in most states, obtaining one increases your job opportunities and the likelihood of getting higher pay.

Passionate about Teaching: Substitute teachers should have a passion for education to help students learn. Students respond positively to tutors that are concerned about their success and will be motivated to seek guidance from such teachers irrespective of whether they are full-time or substitute.

Confidence: Substituting in a new school can be intimidating. However, a teacher on-call needs to understand that this is his or her way of life. The teacher will always work in a new school environment now and then, thus, the need to master confidence and courage to make decisions, communicate effectively, and control the new classroom as expected.

Communication Skills: A substitute teacher should communicate with students and fellow tutors in a professional, confident, and thoughtful manner. Further, being an active listener will help the instructor to interact with others well.

Physical Health Check and Requirements: Most of a tutor’s duties revolve around the classroom, auditorium, cafeteria, gymnasium, as well as recreational areas. They are also subjected to indoor and outdoor conditions that could be hazardous or noisy, thus the need for physical strength.

A substitute teacher might be required to submit a good physical health confirmation during the license or job application. They might need to undergo a medical test of illnesses like tuberculosis as well as a drug test.

A substitute teacher may be required to complete safety training in some districts. Some of the child and classroom safety training includes first aid/AED/CPR training, diabetes care, and anaphylaxis awareness.

The following are additional physical demands that a substitute teacher should meet.

  • The tutor should be able to stand, walk, stoop, and lift equipment or materials of up to 30 pounds.
  • The teacher should have vocal communication to be able to express or exchange ideas through spoken words. He or she should be able to hear spoken words as well.
  • They should have visual acuity that is needed when preparing written or computer information. This ability will also help the instructor when observing general activities and surroundings or determining the thoroughness and accuracy of the students’ assignments.
  • The instructor may be expected to teach special needs children or occasionally assist them in moving their wheelchairs or mechanical devices they are using.
  • They should be able to maintain close contact with learners and other staff members.

Can You Be A Substitute Teacher Without A Degree?

Substitute teachers’ requirements vary from one state to another. Most school districts and states require a high school diploma or its equivalent such as GED

On the other hand, some states may require a substitute teacher to have a bachelor’s degree and, if not, apply for a lower position like a substitute teacher assistant job.

Therefore, completing your undergraduate degree program will maximize your job potential. The following are the reasons why you need to have a degree when applying for a substitute teaching position.

  • The minimum qualification of any sort of substitute teaching job in some districts is an associate degree.
  • Some districts restrict higher-paid or long-term substitute teaching assignments and licences to individuals with bachelor’s degrees. It’s important to note that the terms short and long-term varies from one state or district. However, it means the number of consecutive days that a substitute instructor spends in a single classroom.
  • Substitute teachers seeking long-term teaching assignments must have a degree as well as a given number of completed credit hours.
  • A bachelor’s degree could be a co-requisite in states or districts that demand a substitute teaching license. Other areas require an individual to complete a teacher preparation program approved by the state before receiving the first license.

For that reason, the higher your education level, the more long-term assignment opportunities and increased pay you will have.

You should also realize that the competition for substitute teaching opportunities is high. Therefore, tutors with a higher level of education, professional teaching certification, or those that have passed some credentialing exams are given the priority in certain districts and states.

Further, a teacher on-call can become a full-time tutor when an opportunity arises if they meet the needed requirements. Therefore, it’s essential to pass all state-mandated tests and acquire the necessary education.

For that reason, a teacher working in a district that has limited full-time teaching opportunities can apply for a permanent position when one becomes available in the future.

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