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Md Zahid Hasan

Content Marketing Consultancy

If you need to bring hundreds of thousands new readers, subscribers and customers to your business website and generate leads and convert them into your buyers, you can hire me. I’m a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert and have ranked most of the pages of my other blog on the first page of Google Search Result for my targeted keywords.

And I’m a national best-seller book writer and my book secures the No.1 position in its own-category and grabs a position in the list of ‘top 25 best sellings books’ in the combined categories on Yes, my content marketing expertise helped me a lot to bag this success. Link:

Please, shoot me an e-mail at  if you have….

  • A minimum $5000 (monthly) budget to increase your traffic and conversions or sales.
  • A minimum of 3 months to see the real results. (This takes time, but you’ll be surprised to see the increase of traffic and conversions.)

Hire Me to launch Your Blog or choose an LMS

You can easily operate a blog site. But to set up a blog and rank your pages on Google Search Result Page, you need to be tech-savvy.

Don’t waste your time. Hire me right now. I will help you launch your dream blog, get lots of blog traffics and create a sales funnel or monetize your blog. Please, shoot me an e-mail at  and book a call.


#Free LMS consulting!

You can call me an LMS veteran. I’ve been working in this sector for nine years.

I’ll evaluate all the options in the LMS market based on your requirements. I’ll then match your needs with LMS vendor(s) who meet your criteria.

Please, shoot me an e-mail at mentioning the followings:

  • The industry that your organization operates in.
  • Number of employee/students you want to train-up.
  • How much experienced you are in using an LMS.
  • Whether you require a mobile application with desktop.
  • Self-hosted/Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Other required add-ons or integrations (like API, G Suite, GoToWebinar, Paypal, Wordress , Zoom etc.)


#  Free Online Course Creation/Platform Selection Consulting

I can help you create awesome online courses and select the best online course platforms based upon your need.

Please, shoot me an e-mail at mentioning the followings:

  • Whether you want complete control over your brand, courses and customer information. (Self-hosted)
  • Or, you’re not tech-savvy and want to leverage existing market place.

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